Community Repeaters

Are you currently in an area not serviced by high speed internet? Are your neighbours having the same problem? You probably need a Community Repeater.

A community repeater is a simple concept - generally the process goes something like this:

    1. A community representative has a chat to the surrounding residents and gets an idea of how many would like to connect - if there is only 1 or 2 we recommend you check out our Solo Repeaters

    2. Contact Evolution Wireless

    3. Evolution Wireless will do a site survey to find a suitable surrounding hill that can see as many residents as possible - we then contact the land owner and negotiate with them


    1. Once negotation is complete we install the transmitter - see the case studies for an idea of what these look like


  3. Once the transmitter installation is complete we install each resident. At this point you have access to High Speed Internet

Costs are shared among those who wish to utilise the service - generally these work out to less than $500 per household.

Check out our Case Studies: