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2Talk VoIP is a product designed to replace your fixed line. VoIP, also know as Voice over IP uses the internet rather than a fixed copper phone line. The product is provided and 100% supported by 2Talk.

From just $11.50 per month it is an exceptionally affordable alternative to traditional phone lines.

VoIP has many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages - the main disadvantages:

  • Phones will not operate in a power cut unless you have a UPS
  • Phones rely on good, non congested internet connectivity
  • The technology is new and not yet 100% perfect

 But these are generally countered by these main advantages:

  • Huge reduction in phone costs
  • Included toll calling
  • Portability - you number follows you
  • Free voicemail, caller ID, call waiting etc

We think you should be advised of all the benefits and possible caveats before connecting to this service. With this in mind please read our disclosure & information statement before filling in the sign-up form.

Connection Cost: $260 Includes one cordless handset and base station.

Porting Charge: $23

Please see our disclosure & information statement for an explanation of these charges.


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