VoIP Disclosure & Information Statement

Please note VoIP is provided by 2Talk Limited.

Evolution Wireless only provides limited support and cannot be held accountable for phone line issues. Evolution Wireless will charge for any support requested; support in the first instance is to be directed to 2Talk Limited.

For support please call 09 281 4357 or login to your 2Talk account here

The 2Talk Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution provides affordable phone calling around New Zealand and the world.
We can can supply you with a brand new dedicated IP telephone.
You are able to keep your existing phone number as well.

Plans start at $11.50 / month for 2000 local calling minutes and 250 minutes to over 60 countries (including all around NZ). Plan cost and minute amounts increase from here, please visit 2Talk for more information.

Cell Phone calling is 22 cents / minute or you can include cell calling minutes with your monthly phone bill, saving you lots.

Installation Costs: $260.

Porting Fee: $23

In addition to the installation cost of $260 charged by Evolution Wireless there is a number porting charge of $23 charged to your phone account on the day of connection. This only applies when transferring an existing number.

The installation cost quoted is for one visit only.
If we have to return due to customer circumstances (no credit card available, not home, no credit available, faulty home wiring etc) we will charge for additional labour and mileage.

Number Porting (moving your existing number from your current provider to our VoIP provider) will take up to 2 weeks. 
Disruption to your phone service for up to 3 days (sometimes longer) is to be expected. 
VoIP does not work with all satellite TV receivers, this may prevent you making pay per view purchases over phone line. 
Whilst we take every effort on our end to ensure voice quality and phone reliability we cannot be held responsible for phone performance.
Your phone line will be provided by 2Talk Limited of which Evolution Wireless is an authorized re-seller.
Support is to be provided by 2Talk Limited – Evolution Wireless will bill for any support/training required. 
VoIP will not work without an internet connection, if there is a power cut you will lose phone service.
You will require a credit card/debit plus card for billing.
Evolution Wireless and 2Talk Limited are not responsible for your household wiring, if there are any problems this is the clients responsibility to resolve.
Locating services used by Emergency Services may not work with VoIP; you may have to inform Emergency Services of your address when calling. 
If you have a monitored alarm or medical alarm it will need to be kept on an analogue line or else monitored via Radionet or IP. Speak to your security provider for advice  – additional installation costs may apply.
You will need an Evolution Wireless internet connection to use the 2Talk VoIP solution.
Only the numbers noted in the ‘Phone Number’ section will be ported, if you have other numbers/other lines please ensure to include these also, otherwise they will be disconnected.

Evolution Wireless will not be held accountable for losses or inconvenience caused by VoIP phone line operation. The client understands that they must deal with 2Talk Limited in regards to account enquiries and faults. We do not recommend this service for those without phone redundancy or for those that rely on 24/7 phone operation.

Please read this carefully and once you agree to the terms, conditions and pricing please complete the sign up form